behind the curtain

Christoph works with graphite, caracole, and since a while also with tablets creating digital drawings.
The enclosed pictures are part of a series of over 30 digital drawings and were created using a Wacom tablet, developed as high quality digital Lightjet prints and finally mounted behind 4mm acrylic on 2mm Dibond.
Using a presentation technology commonly used in photography, Christoph creates a connection between photography and abstract art.
Christoph Slu: "I invite the viewers to project in my abstract pictures perceptions of reality.
They might try it by using their imagination, recognizing familiar forms and landscapes in my abstract drawings.
Leaving these imaginations behind in a next step, they may serve as a doorway to enter a level of perception that lies beyond and is similar to the one in which these drawings were created.
Furthermore, seeing the reality in an abstract drawing shall show the viewer that the perceived difference to photography is an illusion (this becomes even more visible by seeing in addition the abstract picture in a realistic photography)."

CS (2012)

Christoph Slu was accepted to the viewing program of the New York drawing center in the beginning of 2013 (